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Path Of Exile Guide For Obtaining Unique Items

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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Path of Exile provides lots of features to improve the gameplay for players. One of these features is the unique Path of Exile Items in the game. For the players who just join into the PoE, unique PoE items are an assembly of various things that should be collected during the game.


Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them.

The unique items that are a selection and are developed with the game of things, specific names, and modifiers. Unique items found by the player are initially unidentified and a Scroll of Wisdom must be used to discover their properties. These special PoE items are characterized by an orange text and an orange banner. These unique items are paired with every base PoE Currency in the game as they are designed to improve the gameplay and have special characters builds based on them.

Unique items have the same base stats as a normal item of the same type, but have specific names, unique artwork and set lists of modifiers instead of affixes. It contains Accessories, Armour, Weapons, Flasks, Jewels and Maps.

  • Unique items can be found as random drops just the same as any other item.
  • There is a very small chance of upgrading a normal item into a unique of the same base type when using an Orb of Chance.
  • Certain unique jewels and some equipment can only be created by corrupting another item.
  • Many prophecies exist that reward uniques, many of them a specific unique item which requires you to hunt down a certain monster and kill it. Others reward you with a random unique.
  • Some unique items can only be produced by using a certain vendor recipe.
  • Sets of divination cards may have a unique item as their reward.
  • Sometimes, a level 8 master will sell a unique item in his/her shop for a relatively low price. This will usually be a common unique item, but it may be rare as well.

Though unique items are a good collection for PoE players, players should know that the unique items are not designed to be more powerful than the rare and special items which can be found when they reach higher levels in the game.

Path Of Exile Map System Overview

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In Path of Exile, you can customize weapons and gear, socketing in gems and making other tweaks as you battle map after map of monsters. But in what could be one of the most interesting innovations for action-role-playing games in years, Grinding Gear Games also lets you customize maps, adding new areas and bosses for the endgame.


Maps (also called end-game maps) are the main type of endgame content in Path of Exile. By placing them in a map device, maps can be consumed to create a randomized instance in which monsters can be fought. It should be noted that players cannot use maps until they have access to the Templar Laboratory, which can be accessed in the Epilogue after Act 10.

There are 16 tiers of maps, each tier corresponding to an area level. Moving from one group of map tiers to the next often imposes a challenge as the higher tier maps becomes harder to sustain. The Maps can be rated by level of Layout or Boss. Layout ratings have 3 different type: A, B, and C while Boss ratings are devided to level 1 to 5.

As you create new maps, you'll uncover portions of the massive map which show a large game world to uncover. The more maps you uncover, the more of the game space you see. Map system gives you map items, which take you to new area, and each has a boss. Find your way to the centre through new paths and discover new challenges along the way.


Maps, since they are items, have an economic aspect to them. "For the uninitiated, Path of Exile features items known as Map tiles which are a part of a comprehensive map system. These tiles can be taken to a special device that will create portals to procedurally-generated levels that house new challenges and loot. Similar to the Nephalem Rifts in Diablo III, these are micro dungeons that are high risk, high reward."

If a player has three maps of the same type, these maps may be sold to a vendor to receive one map in exchange. This newly acquired map is one tier higher and follows the atlas map progression path.

The latest-released Map Stash Tab provides "an efficient way to store maps. Maps can be organized by tiers and base type as well as be tossed into "sub-tabs" for each individual type map (with shaped and unique ones separate).

One Map Stash Tab can store the equivalent of dozens of regular Stash Tabs and comes with the added convenience of an in-built sorting system. It's also possible to name your tabs and make them public for trading! If you have legacy maps from Path of Exile's past, you can right click on your Map Tab while it's empty to change what series of maps it is set to, as it can only hold maps from one series at a time. Different series are indicated by different background map art.

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Path Of Exile Guide For Elder And Shaper

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The fantasy action role-playing game Path of Exile was released in October 2013. Since the mechanics are very reminiscent of Diablo, you can also attribute the game to the Hack and Slay genre. Although the title can also be played without payment, items or even pets must be purchased with real money.


A mysterious entity known only as The Elder is a new threat to the Atlas while the latest War for the Atlas DLC has been announced in Path of Exile. The Elder haunts the Atlas, spreading decay and battling The Shaper for control.

As you begin exploring the Atlas of Worlds, you'll see map locations that have become tainted by either The Shaper or The Elder. These taints manifest physically in the level, adding greater challenges to contend with. The Elder and The Shaper are at war and its up to you to decide which one wins.

Each time you complete a map, the Elder or Shaper taint spreads like mould to new maps, and it's up to you to try and control it. By completing maps with an Elder or Shaper taint you'll cleanse it, allowing the other to move in and take it over. Players can choose to either destroy the Shaper, the Elder, or try and stop both from spreading and taking over the entire Atlas of Worlds.

If the Elder's taint spreads far enough, he'll manifest in certain maps, killing its boss and stealing its powers to create a guardian similar to the four you'd fight trying to kill the Shaper. So before the Shaper encounter begins, the player must defeat four side bosses at the nexus. After that a portal opens in the middle to the Shaper's arena.


The Shaper is a boss residing in the Shaper's Realm. He is the main antagonist of the Atlas of Worlds expansion. Background information is given through the Memory Fragments shattered across the maps. He is one of the most difficult bosses in Path of Exile, if not the most difficult of them all. His abilities deal very high damage and he has the highest health pool out of any enemy in the game. The fight consists of multiple phases.

The Shaper himself has three phases. At the end of the first and second phases he sends Zana and the player to an area they must traverse with a boss waiting at the end. Killing that boss opens a portal to resume the Shaper fight. The Shaper recovers health slowly between phases.

As the war between the Shaper and Elder rages, challenge their control of the Atlas to find exclusive new rare items that have special properties: Shaped Items and Elder Items. When clearing either type of map, it's possible to find Shaper or Elder gear, which has a special starry or tentacled background. On its own, this gear might not be any different than the normal loot you'd find, but Shaper and Elder gear can have special extremely rare properties randomly pop up while crafting it. Getting these Path of Exile items will be a challenge, because each time you complete a zone looking for them to drop, you're also effectively shrinking that god's taint.

Nowhere Else Can You Find Such Cheap PoE Items Sales

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Path Of Exile: The Fall Of Oriath Under Test

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More story, more territories, more quests, more bosses, more skills, more items, more FPS, more ease of use and a German version!

And that's more true than ever, because The Fall of Oriath has it all!


Out Of Wraeclast, In To Wraeclast

Most recently, our adventure in Path of Exile included four story files. Once they were played through, the fun started again, only on a harder level of difficulty. If we put that behind us as well, it went to the final, highest difficulty level, then the Endgame followed over the Atlas of Worlds.

With the start of the expansion, the difficulty levels fell away. From now on there's a whopping ten story files to play through, at the end of which, as always, the atlas waits. Yes, the story content of the game has just been more than doubled! Granted, that does not work without "recycling", but we'll get to that soon.

After the events of the four "old" acts, we finally leave our exile and return to Oriath. Since we knocked out Obertempler Dominus, hell is going on there. The mob and the slaves covet and engage in open battles with the Templars.

Fast Slaughter - The Best Diablo Speedruns

As we get fully involved and want to give the oppressors the ultimate rubdown, they summon up some of the most devoured, ancient deities. As announced in the title of the expansion, Oriath is flattened and we go back to Wraeclast to do what any sensible hero would do if his world is plagued by evil gods.

Everything Has Consequences

Back in Wraeclast, we experience the consequences of our actions from the first four acts. NPCs who asked for our help in the past have gone nuts and gone. Minibuses that we once blew are haunting as nasty, souped-up zombies. A settlement that previously served us as a player hub is suddenly a bandit camp. At the Twilight Beach, where our adventure once began in the main game, undead noblemen from Oriath roam about.

And what happens to the landscape when you kill a creature as huge as a mountain and leave the carcass to rest for a while? Then the extension provides an answer, packed in great new quests.

Mighty new weapons and pieces of armor beckon as a reward. There's also a new killer soundtrack. Strictly speaking, most of the areas of Oriath are not really new, but most areas are barely recognizable on the second visit.

Completely new monsters, new vegetation and weather effects, brand new quests and really fat new boss monsters - not only at the end of the chapter, but also hidden in minor areas. Finding and knocking down these critters is worth more than ever.

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Path Of Exile Is A Game That Is Similar To Diablo Games

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Despite being a game of 2013, Path of Exile is still in great shape. The title received at the end of 2017 the War of Atlas expansion, giving a fresh air to its development with a large amount of new content. This Action RPG is a free-to-play of those who engage and is ideal for all those users who enjoy titles like Diablo. Without a doubt, it can be one of the free games that sweep in 2018.


Path of Exile is a game that is very similar to the Diablo games. Players are offered a choice of different classes, including the Witch, Ranger, Marauder or Scion. Gamers can also customize their character according to their wishes via a skill tree.

In Path of Exile, players can choose from different classes to play with. These can be adjusted with skills in the field of strength and defense. Different missions can be played and PoE items can be collected in the world.

Players will not benefit from anyone who does not spend money on microtransactions. Path of Exile gold is not available as currency. All trades are based on items.

The hack and slash game was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, a team of hardcore gamers. The game became available on steam in 2013 and has more than 49,000 positive reviews with an 8.6 as Metacritic rating.

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